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We have some exciting plans for the upcoming flower and wreath season; including, bouquet bars and wreath making classes. Keep checking back for scheduled events!

Farm Events

Enjoy a pleasant evening on the deck and build your own bouquet! 

For more information, booking and requests Contact Us

Throughout the summer, we will be holding bouquet bars. Come enjoy a beautiful evening on the deck, selecting from a wide array of blooms, and build your own bouquet. Bring some friends and make it a party!

Bouquet Bar

Come see the farm and pick your own bouquet!


Throughout the summer, we will be holding Pick-your-own days. Come take a tour of the garden, purchase a bucket, and fill it with your choice of blooms.

Come join one of our workshops, and create your own wreath or kissing ball.

Wreath & Kissing Ball Workshops

Come join in and learn how to create your own beautiful wreath or kissing ball for the holidays. Classes include all materials, including your bow, berries, cones, and dried flowers to decorate with your personal flair.

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