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  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, we do! However, with unstable gas prices, we have had to add a deliver fee to one time orders. For weekly subscriptions, I have included this into the subscription cost.
  • What is I want a particular color for my event?
    I grown a variety of flowers, in many popular color choices. If you have a special request for a particular color scheme, we will do our best to provide that; however, the flowers to fulfill that scheme will be selected from what is seasonally available at the time.
  • What if I want a particular type of flower?
    We are happy to provide what is seasonally/locally available; however, if you request peonies in August, that will not happen. I can make a suggestion for something that may have a similar look, such as a dahlia. When requesting a particular flower, the color scheme you may like, may not be available. I will work with you within the availability at the time, to provide you with a look you have in mind.
  • How long do your wreaths last?
    Because I harvest 2-3 times a week throughout the season, often the tips for your wreaths were cut within a day or two of your order. If you live in a cool, northern zone, your wreath should last into late February-early March without much browning. If you live in a hot, southern zone, based on feed back, if your wreath is misted with a spray bottle every few days, it will stay looking nice through January. This wreath was created the day after Thanksgiving, and the picture was taken February 23rd, after sitting in my greenhouse all winter.
  • Do you do wedding flowers?
    I have done a few small weddings. Because I do not have employees, I decide this on a case by case basis through discussions with the bride to learn her expectations. If I feel it may be too big of a task, I will assist you with a list of some other Maine farms/florist that can assist you. Wedding flowers are a significant cost, and I want to make sure you are happy with the end product.
  • What is a bouquet bar?
    A bouquet bar is an event held at the farm. Buckets of flowers will be set up, with a list of stem count recommendations, and allows you to select the stems yourself. You can build your own bouquet, or I can put your choices together for you. Bouquet bars can be good for team building, girls' night, or just getting someone out of the house for a drive. Come and hang out with other flower lovers, and see what is created!
  • Can I take pictures of your garden?
    Absolutely, I love seeing folks pull over just to take a picture! It is a complement!
  • I'm a professional photographer, can I use your garden for a setting?"
    Maybe. I have a few people in my network that are professional photographers, and they have not asked for exclusive rights. However, I also have regular customers that may wish to use the farm back drop, and I would definetly not deny them the opportunity; regardless, of the affiliation of the photographer.
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