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For many years I had a dream of quitting my day job, work for the family business, and to grow some flowers to sell bouquets on the roadside.  As time grew closer to the time I would make that faithful leap, and I prepared for the future, I fell in love with flower farming.

In 2019, I made that leap, and turned about 1/2 acre of my lawn into flowers. I have never been so happy to go to work, as I am when I head for the garden.

As the garden has grown, so have I. The mission for Petals & Pine has grown, and I have a mission to help create an awareness of the environmental impacts of commercially-grown flowers, and to promote local, seasonally grown flowers.

The farm is still evolving, as I rotate out some of those originally ideas, and update to no-till, but the end result will be the same. Beautiful, aromatic bouquets and wreaths for the home, office, or social event.


The mission of Petals & Pine Flower Farm is to provide florist-quality, locally-grown flowers for the Maine flower lover using sustainable, no-till farming practices.



Petals & Pine is not an organically certified farm; however, flowers are grown in the organic spirit. We use fish, seafood, and kelp fertilizers, and pest control is only used as a last resort, and must be safe for organic use. Almost all seeds are started using soil-block techniques, or if potting is necessary, I use recycled pots I source from either the local Transfer Station or provided by friends and family. 

Vases and containers for bouquets are sourced from local yard sales, thrift shops, and friends and family. I encourage customers to return their vases to be reused again.

This past fall, I have been working to transition the farm to no-till practices. Studies have show, no till practices not only help to not release carbon into the environment, but can help to pull carbon from the environment into the soil to be stored, rather than in the atmosphere.

Greenery for evergreen decor and arrangements, are harvested with consideration to the plant and the forest, never taking more than what is needed, or causing long-term damage to the plant.

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